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The History of Norman King Electric, Inc.

In 1978, a determined gentleman by the name of Norman King started his one-man electrical contracting company out of a small two-car garage, utilizing a single service truck for carrying out the company’s service calls. He originally organized the business under a sole proprietorship known as “King Electric”, and began with the idea that if you provide superior service at a great value, your business would grow. And that’s exactly what happened.

In 1985, due to the company’s growth, the confines of the two-car garage were no longer sufficient to house the business, and Norman King built a new Electrical Service shop on Hamilton Avenue near downtown Owensboro, KY. Shortly after this move, Mr. King made the decision to incorporate the business, and in 1988 the articles of incorporation were officially filed. Although the official business name became “Kentucky General, Inc.”, the business operated under a Trade Name (DBA) of “Norman King Electric”.  The Hamilton Avenue location served the company well until 1993, when a combination of business growth and property acquisition forced them to relocate their operations to a new facility on River Road (in Owensboro). Though residential services were an original part of their service offerings in the beginning, Norman made the conscious decision in 2004 to curtail all residential services and shift the company’s primary focus to their commercial and industrial clients. This allowed the company to better specialize their skills and sharpen their knowledge and expertise, which would therefore provide better service to their current and prospective commercial and industrial clients.

In 2011, after 33 years of services, Norman (the founder) retired from the day to day operations of the business and handed the reigns over to Michael King, keeping the business family-operated and ensuring the legacy and stride of exceptional service and value remained a priority.

In June of 2012, the company leadership decided to forgo the underlying business name “Kentucky General Incorporated”, and began operating under the name in which their client’s best knew them: “Norman King Electric, Inc”. The business continued to operate from the River Road location until early 2014, when company growth and necessity again forced them to build a new, updated office and electrical shop at their current location on Airpark Drive. Though Norman King Electric’s history shows a great deal of physical growth and change, the internal focus and commitment to quality workmanship, expertise, and customer service has not changed or diminished. If anything, the dedication that was prevalent in the beginning has also grown with the business, and continues to be our highest priority today.

With a staff that now consists of over 50 full-time, part-time, and contract employees (including a professional engineer), Norman King Electric Inc. has positioned itself well to provide clients of all sizes with efficient, cost-effective, friendly service that would be hard to find anywhere else.

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